White Rabbit Coffee Shop

"Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it's getting!" -The White Rabbit

White Rabbit Coffee located next to the MARC train station in Odenton, MD is a place for commuters to relax before or after starting their commute.

Hand Crafted Hot Chocolate

Did you know we offer a few kinds of hot chocolate beverages? Let's talk. 

Tried and true, we have Swiss Miss® brand hot chocolate. Perfect for someone who like for a mild, sweet, predictable drink. Made with steamed milk (water only upon request), it does elevate this humble standard. There is something magical that happens when the milk is steamed. 

Next up, Coco Loco. We kept this play on words drink from The Whistle Stop. A delicious blend of chocolate  and coconut flavors.  

One of our signature drinks, handcrafted hot chocolate (HCHC) . Made with only five ingredients, this is fantastic. A rich dark chocolate, not overly sweet. This is a must for someone who wants more depth of flavor. We rarely have a customer go back to Swiss Miss once this is tasted. 

Off the menu (usually), The Dirty Sanchez. No. Not THAT.  Get your mind of of the gutter. This is a fun combination of HCHC, cinnamon and just a touch of sweet heat. Capsaicin syrup - all of the heat without the taste of peppers. It is especially warming. Just know if you ask for a Dirty Sanchez from anyone else, you are not getting a hot chocolate.  

Now we take these options and offer you the ability to make whatever you would like. Add raspberry, hazelnut, black cherry ... Ask for a suggestion or toss one to us. 

Not done yet. Now we top these with whipped cream or handmade marshmallows. More on the marshmallows in the next installment.